Chaque lundi entre 20 heures 30 et 22 heures à la salle des Fêtes de Jumelles

De septembre 2017 à juin 2018 sauf pendant les vacances scolaires


Chorégraphies saison 2017 - 2018

au 26 mars 2018


Absolute dream (an)

All about a woman

All god's children

American kids

Are you washed in the bloods

Better place (a)

Big city summertime

Blue volkswagen

Bring down the house

Bring on the good times


Bullfrog on a log

Bush party

Cards on the table

Chase that song

Chasing down a good time

Chippin' away

Clear Isabel

Country as can be

Country boots dance

Dig your heels

Don't let her be gone

Drinkin' with Dolly

East hill twist

Galway girls

Good time girls

Green earth

Happy, happy, happy

Harvester (the)

Hello heart

Island (the)


Just a girl

Lay around

Lay low

Lips so close

Little bit lit

Little wagon wheel

Making me crazy

My everything

My utopia

On the waves

Ouzo & black


Pavement ends




Stay in Austin

Strong bounds

Sweet delight

Thanks a lot



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