Novices Saint Sylvain

Chaque jeudi entre 19 heures et 20 heures 30

A la salle François Villon - Centre Culturel de Saint Sylvain d’Anjou

A partir du 22 septembre 2016 jusqu’à fin juin 2017 sauf pendant les vacances scolaires


SAISON 2016 - 2017

Chorégraphies enseignées


Absolute dream (an)

All about a woman

American kids

Angels & alcohol

Baby belle

Better place (a)

Big love in town

Bring on the good times

Bullfrog on a log

Celtic Na La

Chapelloise (la)

Cheyenne's rock

Chippin' away

Country as can be

Country boots dance

Disappearing tail lights

Drinkin' with Dolly

Galway gathering (the)

Ghost train

Go ca go

Good time girls

Harvester (the)

Hello heart

Heyday tonight

Hey girl

Hit the diff

Hooked country


Just a girl

Lay around

Little rebel

Little wagon wheel

Long way home (the)

My utopia

On the waves

Pattycake polka

Pavements ends

Raggle taggle gypsy o


Real deal (the)

Something in the water

Sweet delight

Tag on

Texas waltz

Thinkin' country

Wanna dance

We only live once

Western barn dance

White rose



Date de dernière mise à jour : 14/09/2017




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