Jumelles - Cours Novices


Chaque lundi entre 19 heures et 20 heures 30 à la salle des Fêtes de Jumelles

De septembre 2013 à juin 2014 sauf pendant les vacances scolaires

Chorégraphies saison 2013 - 2014


All you need
An absolute dream
Anything goes
Askin' questions
Bandido's last ride
Big love in town
Bill's basic
Billy dance
Black coffee
Broken heart
Cabo san lucas
Celtic CT
Celtic slide
Chapelloise (la)
Chippin' away
Colorado girl
Contra steppin'
Country as can be
Country two steps
Country walking
Cut a rug
Diamonds make babies
Disappearing tail lights
Easy come, easy go
Electric slide
El paso
Everybody knows
Factor 8
Galways girl
Go cat go
Gold digger
Hooked on country
Hush hush
Irish stew
Joyeux Noël
Kangaroo hide
Little wagon wheel
Live laugh love
Love dance
Mean polka
Old dan tucker
Pattycake polka
Pick a Ball
Rock'n roll is king
Smiling song
Something in the water
Stealing the best
Stick and stones
Summer fly
Tell me ma
Texas waltz
Thanks a lot
Twist and shake
Two boys
Wayfaring stranger
Western barn dance
Whatcha reckon
Where I belong
Wild stallion
White rose






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