Débutants Jumelles

Chaque lundi entre 19 heures et 20 heures 30 à la salle des Fêtes de Jumelles

De septembre 2018 à juin 2019 sauf pendant les vacances scolaires


SAISON 2018 - 2019

Chorégraphies enseignées


321 for two

Are you washed in the blood

Bring down the house

Bullfrog on a log

Cheyenne's rock

Chippin' away

Circle of crows

Clear Isabel

Coffee days & whiskey nights

Country as can be

Country boots dance

Crash and burn

Dancing cowboy


Doin' me wrong

Don't let her be gone

Drinkin' with Dolly

East hill twist

Ghost town

Go cat go

Half a cha

Happy, happy, happy

Harvester (the)

Hello heart

Heyday tonight

Hold the line

Hooked on country

I hope it's us

I'm with you

Lay around

Lonely drum

Outside in

Pattycake polka

Pick a bale

Sweet delight

Texas waltz

Them stems

Why don't you

Date de dernière mise à jour : 25/09/2019




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